• Shabondama Kitchen Liquid 300ml

Shabondama Kitchen Liquid 300ml

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Shabondama Kitchen Cleaning Liquid (300ml)

Shabondama Kitchen Liquid Soap is non-sticky and does not contain any additives, preservatives, harsh detergents, colourings and fragrances.

Therefore, set peace of mind and allow your kids to help you in dishwashing. With Shabondama Kitchen Liquid Soap, you can facilitate a closer relationship with your kids and other family members.

Overall, it is a good helper for cleansing in kitchen utensils and baby feeding equipment.

Usage Instructions:

1. Pour some Shabondama Kitchen Liquid Soap on wet sponge and form lather.

2. Clean the dishes by using the pre-formed lather wet sponge.

3. Finally, rinse it up with clean running water.

Cleansing Tips:

1. Pre-removed the residues through water or by napkins and tissue.

2. Always rinse with clean running water. Please bear in mind that soaking dishes may cause the lather to re-attached back to the

dishes again.

3. To avoid from having your hands or dishes to feel slimy, please ensure that your sponge is clean and apply Shabondama Kitchen

Liquid Soap adequately.

4. You may use water to dilute Shabondama Kitchen Liquid Soap if you prefer a milder base. For instance, 1L of water can dilute 5ml

of Shabondama Kitchen Liquid Soap.


It is additive free and you do not have to worry if there is any chemical or food residues left on kitchen utensils.

Suitable for all, especially those with dishpan hands.

Eco-friendly kitchen liquid soap with biodegradable ingredients.

Volume: 300ml

Ingredients : Palm Oil, Oleic Acid (Plant Oil)

What's in the box 1 x Shabondama Kitchen Liquid 300ml
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